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Hi there,

How nice that you ended up on our site! On our site you will find a beautiful and timeless collection of jewelry. The jewelry is all handmade. Sustainable & ethical entrepreneurship is central to us.

Would you also like to contribute to a better world for everyone? Or do you just want to shop for quality jewelry? Then take a look and read on!

Eighteen months ago we started the 'AdornPay' concept. We have two websites, a website with timeless jewelry and a website with fashion items with a payment function. Initially, both collections were together on one site under the name; AdornPay. This caused confusion and for that reason we will now continue with our jewelry collection on a separate site and under the name; AdornPay Jewelery.

AdornPay Jewelery is run by two women; Virgilia & Anouk. On our about us page you can read more about the women behind our company. Good service and accessibility, responsible entrepreneurship and bringing timeless items to the market is what drives us.

We will occasionally post a blog post so you can get more information about us, the production and our latest updates! To stay informed? Then sign up for our newsletter!

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