Sustainable & Ethical

Sustainable & Ethical entrepreneurship, what exactly does that mean? And do we do everything completely sustainably? The answer is unfortunately; no. We probably won't do everything perfectly. We are a start-up and we still have a lot to learn and we still want to learn a lot to do everything even more sustainably, but we are certainly on the right track.

Our budgets are already largely consumed by more expensive alternatives throughout the entire business chain. We are always looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives. For example, we are currently designing a collection with Vegan Leather and Ocean Bound material. We also work with a B-corp producer and use local and recycled materials as much as possible. Everyone who works on our products is well paid and works under good conditions. Our manufacturer also closely monitors this.

Our office building is completely energy neutral thanks to the solar panels on our roof and we both drive electrically. When choosing packaging materials, we also opt for more sustainable choices as much as possible. We use jewelry boxes and have consciously opted for a high-quality version so that the customer can also use them immediately to store the jewelry. We do not print an order confirmation or invoice, but work with one flyer with all the information, you will receive the rest digitally by email. When we import items from abroad, we try to have them arrive in one shipment as much as possible, in order to reduce CO2 emissions from our transports. We ensure that the materials we have ordered are fully used, in order to reduce waste, and we only order new materials when they are really necessary.

In addition to the above, 5% of our turnover goes to charities that are as much as possible in line with our company and what we stand for. We have often donated part of the proceeds to charities, but with the arrival of the AdornPay Jewelery website, this will become a permanent feature within our company. We will start this from the 2nd quarter of 2023. Every quarter we choose a charity for 5% of our turnover, at the end of the quarter we write a blog with the total proceeds and with more information about the charity and how you can contribute to this. On this page you can find the selected charity per quarter.

Of course we would like it if you, as a customer, also think along. Do you have a suggestion for a good cause? Or do you have feedback for us regarding our choices within sustainable entrepreneurship? Please let us know via our socials, the contact form on the website or email: