About us

Our story
AdornPay Jewelery is originally a wearable brand, with a regular jewelry collection to support the wearable collection next to it to give extra strength to the designs of the wearables. At the beginning of 2023 we decided to split the wearable collection and the regular collection and to continue under two different names; This is how the AdornPay Jewelery website was created as a separate platform.

Our vision
Making the world a bit more beautiful by making people more beautiful. AdornPay Jewelery was founded on the vision that you can also contribute to a better world with jewelry. Our collection consists of timeless items in order to reduce 'fast fashion'. We work with basic items, so you can combine them endlessly with your other jewelry and the items never get boring.

What we do
AdornPay Jewelery is run by two women. We carry out almost all business processes ourselves. We have outsourced production to our B-corp manufacturer. The collection is produced in small workshops in Turkey and we work with local and recycled materials. We also work with regular partners to support, for example, our photography and marketing activities. We work as much as possible with local & starting entrepreneurs to support the labor market in the Netherlands.