Our team

Behind AdornPay Jewelery are two hard-working friends who met during the HBO Finance & Control course at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In 2021 we went online with our first webshop under the name; AdornPay. In this phase of our company, we still do almost everything ourselves and we also work with permanent parties for support.

Virgilia de Graaff | Co-Founder | 33 years
Virgilia is 33 years old and proud mother of Yenna. In addition to her work for AdornPay, she works as a teacher at a primary school, where she teaches 28 children all kinds of things. She also plays an active role at the school in integrating teaching methods. She is regularly used for her presentation skills, which she prefers not to use herself.

Within AdornPay, Virgilia is ultimately responsible for the entire (financial) administration, everything regarding the (technical) payment side of our collections and she ensures an overview.

Anouk Rademaker | Co-Founder | 28 years
Anouk is 28 years old and a proud cat mother, haha! In addition to her work for AdornPay, she works as a civil engineering account manager for the nicest recruitment company in the Netherlands. She works here in a 360 degree role where she connects civil engineering professionals with clients. In this way she builds up her own team for which she is also responsible. The most important thing for Anouk is that the professional works in a fun & safe environment and the client is satisfied with the work that is done.

Within AdornPay, Anouk is responsible for the entire marketing & socials, designs & production, the website & order processing and contact with the customer!