Material & maintenance


All our jewelry is handmade, making each piece unique. Our manufacturer is B Corp certified. Our production process uses recycled silver and gold. The (gem)stones used are honestly mined. In addition, an attempt is made to create as little 'waste' as possible while processing the material. 


The 'silver' jewelry is made of Sterling Silver, or 925 silver. Pure silver is too soft to make jewelry, so the pure silver is mixed with a small amount of other material to make it stronger. Sterling silver consists largely of silver (92.5%), the other 7.5% consists of other materials. 

Gold Vermeil

The 'Gold Vermeil ' jewelry is based on Sterling Silver, surrounded by a layer of 18k gold of 2.5 microns thick. Gold Vermeil offers a perfect balance between quality and value. If properly maintained, it will remain beautiful for a lifetime. 


Each material type has its own characteristics and properties. These all respond to outside influences.


Silver jewelry can eventually discolour, for example it can become greenish, black or dull. The discoloration of silver is called oxidation, this is a natural process in silver and therefore also in silver jewelry. Silver jewelry also responds to the acidity of your skin. The acidity of your skin varies per person and depends on many factors. For example, it has to do with what you eat, whether you take medication and the amount of perspiration. Therefore, polish silver jewelry regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth or a silver polishing cloth. You can also occasionally rinse silver jewelry under a lukewarm tap with a mild soap.

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil jewelry has a layer of 18kt gold that can wear or discolor, it is important that you take good care of your Gold Vermeil jewelry. It is important that this jewelry comes into contact with moisture and heat as little as possible. We recommend daily maintenance of your Gold Vermeil jewelry to prevent tarnish. You can do this by polishing your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth. If the material does discolour, you can easily polish it again with a special gold polishing cloth. 

Tips to keep your jewelry beautiful for longer: 

  • Keep your jewelry clean with a soft, lint-free cloth (provided). 
  • Don't wear your jewelry while you sleep. 
  • Avoid wearing jewelry while exercising. 
  • Do not wear your jewelry on the beach, in the shower or while swimming. 
  • Avoid contact with perfume, make-up and other care products.  
  • When you are not wearing the jewelry, store it in a cool, dark place, for example in a jewelry box, to prevent damage. 
  • Never store your jewelry in direct sunlight or in a damp place.
  • Never use chemicals of any kind to clean your jewelry.